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Chapter 619 – The Picking Game closed visitor
It was subsequently a mild Phoenix!
The effects were actually great, and the space had not been too big ultimately. However it could deliver some troubling eleventh hour improvements, which Amber was happy to present by waving her palm our next subsequent.
Country Ratings Leading 15 (General):
1. England – 81,510 points (-)
Nonetheless, the group was demonstrated incorrect. Even if there were clearly no Lineage consumers, there were even now those from Superhuman and Supernatural, additionally they too received uncommon monsters like vampires, werewolves, and more.
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primary – Yui: 55 games, 55 wins, 1 beast staying. 9,500 points. (j.a.pan)
Quite a few lips twitched while they noticed this, wanting to know the way the some others with an increase of reasonable monsters would fight this?
Once they reached the Quarterfinals, Yui was made to unveil her second beast, an easy Dragon! This shook the competition in a stupor. How was any person said to be a genuine Dragon right here?
He sent out his first beast, shouting ‘I opt for you, Savannah Lion!’. A lion that looked no totally different from one Qiong Qi had impersonated at the first try Draco got attained him.
It had been an easy Phoenix arizona!
1. Britain – 81,510 issues (-)
8. France – 57,523 issues (-)
Whenever the Light Phoenix az searched down in the other and his scrawny lion, there were a mild of endless disdain. The Lighting Phoenix arizona arrogantly increased considered one of its feet, tad off a little section of its claw of and spat it at its opponent.
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He was quite good looking a suave, with clever brownish curly hair. His eyeballs lighted up when he noticed Yui, but he didn’t dare to flirt for an intercontinental period similar to this, so he only obtained willing to combat.
4th – Khozyayskaya Suka: 54 games, 53 victories, monsters leftover. 8,900 things. (Russia)
Venerated Venomous Consort
3. France – 74,049 factors (+1)
1. Great britain – 81,510 things (-)
It overcome all her foes before the closing, where it clashed against an insidious Darkish Underworld Devourer, a beast that could ingest all kinds of vitality to convert it into sustenance.
third – La Dompteuse: 54 satisfies, 53 wins, monsters staying. 8,950 tips. (France)
You basically just planned to kiss/hug and appreciate her as opposed to flex her back and then make her cry for daddy. That kind of element.
As soon as they hit the Quarterfinals, Yui was compelled to unveil her next beast, a mild Dragon! This shook the competition towards a stupor. How was any person meant to be a True Dragon here?
8. France – 57,523 factors (-)
It absolutely was Yui, and she was which represents j.a.pan!
It must be acknowledged that Yui was the sole Lineage new member within this celebration. The rest ended up the many with possibly have a great time or simply came below to try out and have their companies documented in an global compet.i.tion.
Section 619 – The Selecting Game
It overcome all her foes through to the ultimate, where it clashed against an insidious Darkish Underworld Devourer, a monster that might ingest all styles of vigor to convert it into sustenance.
A similar thing happened into the very last fellow’s beast. Yui claimed her very first go with without uttering a word, and her facial area possessed prolonged solidified to a mask of indifference.
15. Spain – 41,197 tips (-)」
“With that literally brings a conclusion to the Selecting Activity! Let’s begin to see the standing!” Amber triggered that has a smile.
7. India – 65,355 points (-)
Yui hadn’t modified a great deal, nevertheless being an extremely enchanting female using the Amaterasu Lineage’s signature creamy, shining skin area. Eva also had this sort of skin, but hers was far top-quality.
9th – Re Domatore: 52 complements, 51 victories, monsters outstanding. 7,950 issues. (Italy)

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