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The Beautiful Wife Of The Whirlwind Marriage

NovelThe Beautiful Wife Of The Whirlwind MarriageThe Beautiful Wife Of The Whirlwind Marriage
Chapter 1340 – Must Go Apologize giraffe moan
Su Fen required, “What would you do over it? Even Lin Che went to apologize. This indicates pretty critical. It also appears like it is not easy being a superstar. You ought to think twice.”
“You must come with me and apologize to the team.”
Cheng Yuantu was still not aware of each one of these.
Yu Minmin named Lin Che. “This Wu Liulian is certainly an excessive amount of. She offended the staff similar to this and contains only been some days.”
They told Lin Che’s business the a.s.sistant was way too requiring plus they could not afford to continue to keep her.
Wu Liulian was very annoyed. These folks were obviously stars very. Why had been they a.s.closed someplace else?
These folks were nothing like Lin Che whatsoever. Where ever she decided to go, all people could be respectful towards her.
Lin Che replied, “What else do you highly recommend? Have a look at your self. You never know nearly anything. This won’t do.”
They does notify Lin Che’s recording studio regarding the accident, but they also never expected Lin Che to relocate with this.
Lin Che arrived.
Not surprising she had these types of a strong reputation.
But what was the meaning of this? No way!
Powering, Wu Liulian looked on, exceptionally dissatisfied.
Backside in the staff.
Wu Liulian mentioned, “Ah… Sis, you should. I’ll be good, actually. It won’t transpire all over again.”
Wu Liulian said, “Ah… Sis, please. I’ll be great, actually. It won’t occur again.”
Lin Che said, “I’m the one that directed her there. If I never go over, I’d be harming Cheng Yuantu. Acceptable, I’m going over.”
Lin Che minimized her sound. Her icy stern facial area instantly created Wu Liulian afraid.
They secretly believed this rat almost damaged the trustworthiness of Lin Che’s recording studio. Happily, Lin Che was genuine as well as got great emotional intelligence.
To ensure she would never need to be dissed once again!
Chapter 1340 Must Go Apologize
for greater things
Wu Liulian explained, “Ah… Sis, you should. I’ll be great, seriously. It won’t occur yet again.”
The team was still talking over.
Wu Liulian believed that it celebrities was a lot more absurd than she thought.
“You… You… I am revealing the director.”
30 minutes down the road, Lin Che arrived on arranged.
“Don’t you probably know how down-to-entire world Sibling Che is exterior? But her reputation is now already more than enough, so however modest she needs to always be, people will always maintain her in great view and anxiety her. You can’t truly feel it, however, if have you ever seen Sister Che be strenuous?”
“Hey, the director is absolutely not in charge of each matter. Will you be truly proceeding to watch out for him spanning a minimal situation such as this?”
She was really not happy. She said to Cheng Yuantu, “Just take a look at yourself. You are a famous person very. Why do not you operate on your own? You do not have got to to scrutiny by other folks in any respect.”
Cheng Yuantu reported, “One will only occur if a person is always very humble and down-to-the planet. The bigger the star, the greater number of down-to-entire world they may be.”

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