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NovelLet Me Game in PeaceLet Me Game in Peace
the hawaiian romance of laieikawai
Chapter 1221 – Golden Gun kick agree
Quickness: 94
Strength: 97
Zhou Wen was delighted when he hurriedly picked up the Associate Egg and decided to hatch it.
Happily, your third Glowing Battle G.o.d easily came out. These Fantastic Conflict G.o.ds checked very similar. They couldn’t touch Zhou Wen by any means before being murdered.
Const.i.tution: 80
The Asura Saber in Zhou Wen’s fretting hand slashed regularly. As he dodged the twin fantastic guns’ firing, he diced up his adversary’s physique into various parts, uncovering a golden power source in the pectoral.
‘Killed Terror-quality creature, Glowing Combat G.o.d Label II.’
Precious metal Guard: Mythical
Related the shrill alert, a determine walked from the door.
homeland security act of 2002 section 2209
Zhou Wen attempted by using teleportation again, but he was similarly incapable of teleport in excess of. Even spatial teleportation was blocked by some force.
Accompanying the shrill alarm, a shape walked right out of the doorstep.
Basis Energy: 67
A Terror-grade creature shown up so swiftly? Zhou Wen’s eyeballs flashed as his saber ongoing accelerating in midair. With Transcendent Hovering Immortal, he trapped for the glowing secure and break up its go into two.
The Live Corpse
Ahead of Zhou Wen could behave, an opening in the our blood-coloured avatar’s brain blasted open. Its head erupted as well as the cellphone display moved black.
A Terror-quality being came out so easily? Zhou Wen’s vision flashed as his saber continued accelerating in midair. With Transcendent Soaring Immortal, he caught up to the wonderful shield and divide its top of your head into two.
The Golden Challenge G.o.d here possessed effective offensive energy and very robust safety. Its quickness wasn’t sluggish frequently. It turned out regarded an exceptionally highly effective Terror-level dimensional being.
Ability Expertise: Reliability Snapping shots, Armour-Piercing Bullets, Mad Sweep
One more Terror-level! Zhou Wen was overjoyed. He was just being concerned about choosing a destination to grind numerous Terror critters. The Venusian dungeon was an answer to his goals.
One of them became a gold steel Associate Ovum. Zhou Wen chosen it up.
Companion Variety: Glowing Handgun Mark VI
Power: 78
the floating light of the goodwin sands
Quickness: 71
Tire of Fate: Bullet Surprise
The Precious metal Guards that hurried out of the six doorways came influx immediately after influx. Zhou Wen slashed out and larger swaths of Metallic Guards ended up destroyed. The tinkling sounds of dimensional crystals losing may very well be read.
The Asura Saber in Zhou Wen’s palm slashed over and over again. Because he dodged the dual glowing guns’ firing, he diced up his adversary’s body system into many bits, uncovering a wonderful power source in his chest.
Lifestyle Providence: Metallic Daily life
guardian football
Fact Vitality: 67

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